How we view advancement and potential in this clan.

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How we view advancement and potential in this clan.

Post by johnspack on Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:51 pm

The truest way to anyone's full potential is to allow freedom,  while creating structure to follow.  Structure requires a team,  hence the name "structure".  No one individual should have the power to run all others.  Our HQ is comprised of at least 3 individuals,  who input ideas,  and can vote on implementation.  We also require input from all clan members.  Everyone gets a say here!  When HQ sees a member's potential,  we will either discuss it and promote,  or put it to a general clan vote.  In here you can have fun,  or play military if you want.  If you want to get to clanwars,  we will get there.  If you don't really care,  and just want clan mates to platoon with,  very cool.

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