EpicKillcoach44 is a lucky Bastiage

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EpicKillcoach44 is a lucky Bastiage Empty EpicKillcoach44 is a lucky Bastiage

Post by Wailwulf on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:17 am


Just had a battle on the Himmelsdorf map in my T1 Cunningham. Game started and started up the main road (towards the park) to go to Tank alley. Suddenly there's and explosion and I am tracked. I am going "What the 'ell?!" trying to figure out who on my team shot me. I look at the name as it fades away, it was an EpicKillcoach44. I scan my team so as to complain and he is not listed there.

Then I notice that he is on the other side!

EpicKillcoach44 only started WoT on July 7th, and has only 254 battles under his belt, and did the Noob thing of firing the gun at nothing at the start of the match and hit me!

Well, I guess the stars do align for Noobs sometimes Smile

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