Everything I learned about real combat...

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Everything I learned about real combat... Empty Everything I learned about real combat...

Post by Wailwulf on Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:33 am

I have never been in a real war, nor have I ever served in the military.  

But I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

So my understanding of combat on the field, how to approach and attack the enemy, when to stay together and when to peel off from the group,  I learned by doing this:


The music is a techno-remix Carmina Burana by Carl Orf which you might think is perfect, or horrible.  While the video was shot in 2007, I have not done one of these since 2005, but did start this back in 1986.  

This video was recorded where I had my first war, in May 1987, in Potrero, California while I was still going to college at UCSD. The units I knew from then are in the video.

I fought with a group called Drafn that carried large round shields with a dragon-raven painted on them:
Everything I learned about real combat... Drafn2

There is also the Abbey of Leng, the "old" war unit of San Diego:
Everything I learned about real combat... Abbey

Them most visible in this video is Corvus Warband.  I was in San Diego when they came into being and lived with three of the members as college roomates:
Everything I learned about real combat... 28911203.corvus4

These three units would train against each other, and with each other nearly every Sunday unless there was an event to attend.

I base all of my decisions and action in WoT, and any other combat game/sim from what I learned by fighting in the SCA.  The video is a bit restricted in that the shots shown are of battles on "bridges" or in "castles", so is very confined (which makes better video), but the SCA also has battles on large fields where maneuver is of extreme importance.  

I just discovered this particular video and thought it would be perfect to show what I did to learn how to fight

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